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Can a customer feedback analytics tool truly enhance your product? Will it decrease or increase your team's workload? What are the business benefits and ROI of utilizing such tools? These are the questions that intrigue us, and we're here to provide clarity and answers to them.

Product Development Challenges

Developing a product is a challenging task that requires meeting specific deadlines, satisfying client requirements, leading the development team, keeping the product relevant in the market, and, most importantly, surpassing user expectations.

However, in most cases, we tend to become exhausted during the initial stages of development, leaving the crucial task of meeting user expectations for later and often labeling it as a "future problem". This approach can hinder the product's success in the market, as user satisfaction is a critical factor in determining the product's viability.

Whose responsibility is it to address future problems? Some may say it is the CEO, while others may point to the Product Owner or Manager. Some may even suggest it's Marketing. However, in reality, it's a collective responsibility that needs to be addressed by each vertical separately. You might think that adding another responsibility for each role will exhaust your team and add an extra layer of work. But that's not the case; in fact, it's the opposite.

While not all customer feedback tools can contribute to solving your team's issues or providing the desired results, a multi-source customer feedback tool with easy data visualization and a personalized, accurate co-pilot like Mantra AI can make a real impact and add true value without constantly checking the ROI of your chosen product.

Boost your product viability with customer feedback data

Are customer feedback reliable, or do they only tell us what we want to hear?

Collecting customer feedback is crucial to shape the direction of our product. However, there is a big problem if the data we collect is not polished. This can result in noisy or superficial data, which is not reliable. For instance, if we launch a beta version of our product on platforms like ProductHunt, we may receive tons of user feedback.

While the majority of users may be praising our app, we cannot simply rely on that data without doing a sentiment analysis. Sentiment analysis helps us understand the real intentions and emotions of our customers. Some customer feedback tools, such as ClientZen, have sentiment analysis incorporated into their product, providing us with clarity to deeply understand our customers’ feedback.

Direction is all! If we choose the wrong path, going back to the starting point is not an option. Nobody wants to waste time and effort building a product and then start from scratch because the customers didn't adapt to the features. So, the best approach is to build the product based on customer needs and demands right from day 0. But if that's not possible, the next step is to collect customer feedback, analyze it, and restructure the direction of the product's features to meet customer and market expectations.

Costumer Feedback Tool or Product Development Prioritization Tool?

Customer feedback tools are a valuable resource for shaping product development direction. They can also assist product developers in prioritizing tasks, which in turn helps define the goal and direction of the sprint.

Being a product manager can be challenging and stressful. In addition to meeting customer expectations, product managers must also guide the development team and structure and prioritize sprint direction to meet user expectations.

A customer feedback tool like ClientZen can assist you in resolving common issues. For instance, if you communicate with your client daily on Slack, integrating your Slack channel with ClientZen can help you track your client's emotions and insights. This way, you can ensure that their every need is met without any hassle. Additionally, you can analyze customer feedback and extract insights, organize user feedback based on their needs, and prioritize features accordingly.

Once you have adjusted your sprint planning based on user feedback, you will notice a significant difference. The entire product development process becomes a completely different experience when you start heading in the right direction and meeting customer expectations'.

Real example of product boost with Customer feedback analysis

Planable is the content collaboration platform that makes marketing teamwork a breeze. Since its inception in 2016, over 5,000 teams from iconic brands such as Hyundai, Christian Louboutin, and KFC rely on its services. It’s perfect for agencies handling multiple clients, as well as brands managing internal and external stakeholders.

Planable started to use ClientZen's customer feedback analysis tool in 2023. Planable's mission was always to maintain a customer centric approach to their product development process. This was the main reason behind their choice of adapting an analytical tool for their customer feedback analysis methods. They wanted to track properly the whole customer journey across multiple channels and build upon their customer insights.

As the company grew, so did the customer feedback data. Strangely, while the overall customer insight increased drastically Planable team's feedback analysis workload has been reduced by approximately 15-20%. This decrease in workload has given the team more time to focus on other areas, resulting in better customer service and an increase in customer retention and customer satisfaction. Since using ClientZen in their work process and customer support, positive feedback towards feature request increased with 30% in just 6 months.

What's the best tool for analyzing customer feedback

The more tools you try, the better. According to the User Interviews report from last year, ClientZen is one of the top choices for customer feedback analysis tools. It's worth exploring why people choose ClientZen, and what factors to consider when selecting a tool if ClientZen doesn't meet your requirements.

  • The impact is visible in just a few months: Planable saw a significant impact within 6 months of using ClientZen. They used the customer feedback analysis tool to their advantage and enhanced their product to be more customer-centric. On the other hand, Prestashop also experienced the benefits of ClientZen within a few months of usage. They improved their Voice of Customer program and aligned their processes with their customers' needs.
  • All customer interactions are in one dashboard: Many users have reported that the UI/UX of ClientZen is incredibly user-friendly. The platform's ability to consolidate all necessary insights into a single dashboard has made the analytical work process much easier for them. Planable, also noticed a 20% decrease in their analytical workload despite an increase in tasks due to a significant growth in customer base.
  • Advance Segmentation: In addition to predefined segments, custom segments are crucial when it comes to analyzing data. Therefore, it's important to choose a feedback tool that offers this feature. If the tool is limited, analyzing customer feedback manually would be the only option, which is not feasible.
  • Accurate Insights: The accuracy of insights is crucial, but speed is also important. ClientZen has recently introduced a new feature, the insight generator, which utilizes their Mantra AI. Once you select your segment, you can extract all the insights, including the most discussed issues, feature requests, bugs, and more, with just a simple click.
  • Auto-generated reports: You can easily zoom in or out across the entire customer journey and generate reports automatically with just one click, so you never have to start a new report from scratch again. Insights can be saved without effort with your chosen segments, whether it's based on revenue volume, sentiment, specific keywords, or custom fields.

These are just the main features on which you should pay a lot of attention. The more customer feedback analysis tools you try, the easier become the process of choosing the right tool for you and your team.

Automate the customer feedback analysis process

ClientZen is a powerful tool that enables you to gain a better understanding of your customers and improve their experience. It gathers feedback from various channels and presents it in a user-friendly dashboard, making it easier for you to determine what your customers really want and need.

With ClientZen, you can simplify your analysis of the customer journey and provide experiences that exceed their expectations. It's an excellent tool for streamlining operations and enhancing services. You can try our 30-day free trial during your next user behavior analysis process.

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