Turn your clients
into evangelists

Grow your B2B digital agency with the first customer experience management platform for SMEs. 
Get instant client feedback with AI.

customer experience management software

Do you struggle with
getting new projects from referrals?

  • Do you have a hard time upselling
    to your clients?
  • Do you fear that you'll miss your
    revenue target?
  • Do you receive feedback too late
    to make a change?
  • Do you worry that your clients will
    switch to another agency?
Avoid misalignments and spot growth opportunities with ClientZen

Improve your customer experience and services by turning
client feedback into strategic business decisions

Get real-time feedback
with Artificial Intelligence

Make sure you act as soon as it happens. Sentiment analysis helps you turn feedback into actionable results. 

Have 24/7 client
satisfaction overview

With ClientZen, you can analyze at anytime your customers’ happiness and their changing behaviors.

Spot upselling opportunities and generate referrals

Boost client loyalty and advocacy with personalized experiences. Happy clients will recommend your services. 

100% GDPR compliant

Anonymous tracking

ClientZen is designed and built with privacy in mind. The data stored will be anonymous.

Privacy by default

All the data that we gather is in a GDPR-compliant manner and processed securely.

Non-intrusive for your clients

Feedback will be generated with Sentiment Analysis, so a minimum of effort will be required from your clients.

Understand your clients with
AI powered Sentiment Analysis

ClientZen is your strategic business decision assistant. Based on AI and natural language processing, this tool will help you analyze your clients’ pain points and act on them.
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