Beyond customer feedback analytics.

ClientZen cleans, analyses and monitors your feedback across the entire customer journey.


Automatically aggregate, clean, and tag all your customer feedback.

Trusted by leading customer centric businesses

What our clients say


Reduced team workload


Drop in client
negative sentiment


Reduced time for support
“ClientZen lets us turn unstructured feedback from various channels into clear insights that support our product vision. With each release, we can see how the users react to it.”
Lucas Marchionne, Voice of Customer manager
“ClientZen helps us save a lot of time by tagging automatically all the feedback from our customers. It shows us the most requested features and client pain points on the rise, so we can take action fast.”
Noa Lupu, Customer Success Lead
“It can sync automatically with our Zendesk and surface patterns automatically. We can check easily how often a problem appears and the most requested features.”
Mircea Serendiuc, product manager

You ask, we answer!

Customer Journey Mapping

Easily bring all your events to map
the whole Customer Journey

By syncing your events, you can view the entire customer journey for each custom segment, consolidating insights into a single view.
Negative Sentiment Drivers

Be aware of what drives negativity
and know where to act.

Identify and tackle negative sentiment drivers with precision, turning challenges into opportunities.

Trusted by leaders in B2B

Being able to define ones own topics and receiving reports to those, really improves the monitoring and prioritization of topics and/or issues.
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Managing Director at KF Interactive GmbH
If you're looking to streamline your feedback analysis and gain a deeper understanding of your customers' needs, ClientZen is a must try.
Max clientzen customer review profile picture
CEO @ One Click Crypto
This is a great product which tackles a real pain point.
Alvaro clientzen customer review profile picture
Founding CEO at Clous
As a Product Manager, I can see how valuable this is for managing customer feedback effectively and getting to actionable insights with minimum effort.
mara clientzen customer picture
PM @ Microsoft, Twitter, Confluent
A great product to help deliver on being customer centric. I like the focus on the prioritising and discovering the most pressing issues customers face.
Stefan clientzen customer review profile picture
Working on an MVP for Skawr