Revolutionizing Voice of Customer: PrestaShop's Journey with ClientZen

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PrestaShop, one of the most used e-commerce solutions and leaders in Europe & LATAM, decided to start a Voice of Customer (VoC) program in 2022, entering a new area they hadn't dealt with before. Initially, PrestaShop managed customer feedback manually, combing through comments to glean valuable insights.

While interactions with the support team offered a preliminary understanding of customer needs and expectations, this manual method proved too time-consuming and ineffective. Realizing the need for both validation of these initial analyses and a more efficient way to prioritize actions, the shift towards a more automated solution for quantifying feedback became essential.

The Challenge

As they received more and more customer feedback, the process of collecting customer feedback became harder and took a lot longer. The teams were spending a lot of time sorting through all the feedback.

Also, without a centralized system to manage feedback, it was difficult to prioritize the actions according to customer feedback. 

Collecting customer feedback and leveraging it for customer loyalty was becoming a challenge.

It was clear that they needed a more streamlined and automated approach to make better use of customer feedback. The goal was to move from dealing with feedback piecemeal to a more organized and proactive approach. This would not only save time but also allow for a deeper understanding of customer expectations.

This need for a better solution led PrestaShop to explore different VoC tools in the market. They were looking for a tool that could automatically organize customer feedback, find meaningful insights, and present them in a way that was easy to act on. They also strived for a tool capable of aggregating feedback from different channels to gain a comprehensive view of customer opinions across various touchpoints and at multiple stages of the customer lifecycle.

The Search for a VoC Solution

With specific criteria in mind, including GDPR compliance, multi-channel feedback gathering, and affordability, the search continued.

ClientZen emerged as a promising candidate, distinguished by:

  • 30-day Trial: They offered a full month's trial, providing ample time for PrestaShop to assess the tool's effectiveness and ease of integration without financial commitment.
  • Extensive Evaluation: This period allowed for a thorough appraisal of ClientZen's suitability for PrestaShop's specific needs, including its ability to streamline the VoC program across multiple departments.
  • ClientZen Demo: The demo provided by ClientZen proved highly effective for the PrestaShop team, offering them a tangible opportunity to experience the actual value of ClientZen's Voice of the Customer (VoC) and customer feedback analytics tool firsthand.

The ClientZen Experience

The engagement with ClientZen was marked by easy communication and swift responses to queries and issues, significantly aided by the time zone alignment.

The user-friendly interface of ClientZen was a hit among various departments, facilitating a quicker adaptation to the new VoC program.

The ease of understanding the data, extracting insights, and following the customer journey made ClientZen an intuitive choice. The smooth onboarding process further accelerated the teams' transition to this new analytical tool, bridging gaps between departments and fostering a better understanding of the VoC program.

PrestaShop's collaboration with ClientZen brought forth a transformative impact characterized by several significant experiences:

Seamless Communication: Building a Supportive Relationship

  • Timely Support: With ClientZen's team located within the same time zone, help was always readily available. This meant that any challenges encountered were addressed promptly, minimizing downtime and disruption.
  • Responsive Partnership: The European presence of ClientZen provided an added layer of trust, ensuring that all communications were GDPR-compliant and secure, which was crucial for PrestaShop.

User-Friendly Interface: Enhancing Departmental Efficiency

  • Intuitive Design: ClientZen's user interface was crafted with simplicity in mind, making it accessible to employees across various levels of technical proficiency.
  • High Adoption Rates: The straightforward design led to quick adoption within departments, with employees expressing that the system felt familiar and easy to navigate.

Effortless Onboarding: Facilitating Smooth Transition

  • Guided Implementation: ClientZen provided comprehensive onboarding support, guiding PrestaShop through each step of the implementation process.
  • Customized Training: Internal training sessions were tailored to meet the specific needs of PrestaShop's CX teams, ensuring that each department understood how to leverage ClientZen to its fullest potential.

Cross-Departmental Integration: Bridging Gaps

  • Unified Feedback Interpretation: ClientZen allowed different departments to view and interpret feedback through a unified lens, creating a common language around customer insights.
  • Collaborative Insights: The shared data environment encouraged collaboration, with departments now able to share insights and work together towards common goals easily.

Data Interpretation and Actionability: Driving Data-Driven Decisions

  • Advanced Analytics: ClientZen's analytical tools turned raw data into understandable and actionable insights, empowering teams to make informed decisions.
  • Strategic Impact: The insights gained through ClientZen were crucial in shaping PrestaShop's strategic moves, directly influencing product development and customer service improvements.

ClientZen’s Impact on Prestashop VoC Program

Enhanced Efficiency and Team Productivity with ClientZen

PrestaShop's adoption of ClientZen has led to remarkable gains in efficiency, especially considering the substantial volume of customer feedback they receive - over 150,000 pieces annually from various sources.

Before ClientZen, analyzing this feedback would have required a team far larger than their current two-person VoC team. ClientZen's tools have been instrumental in enabling these two individuals to perform a workload that would otherwise necessitate a team of over ten people. This significant time-saving aspect of ClientZen underscores its effectiveness in managing and interpreting large-scale customer feedback.

Impact on Product Releases and Customer Support

Since integrating ClientZen into their operations, PrestaShop has observed a consistent decrease in support tickets, particularly concerning their main products.

This improvement is largely attributed to their enhanced ability to address customer issues and understand their needs and expectations quickly.

For instance, upon identifying a registration issue in one of their products through ClientZen and quantifying the number of occurrences, PrestaShop swiftly updated the registration funnel, thereby resolving the problem effectively. This proactive approach has not only reduced the incidence of bugs but also ensured optimal customer experience post-release.

Positive Shift in Customer Sentiment and Loyalty

A notable shift in customer sentiment has been obvious since PrestaShop began using ClientZen. There's been a significant decrease in negatively perceived customer feedback alongside an increase in positive responses.

Negative sentiment during the onboarding phase for PrestaShop products decreased by 15%, demonstrating a smoother transition and improved customer satisfaction.

The overall customer support interaction ratio around Prestashop's products was reduced by 9%, reflecting the effectiveness of the process and freeing up customer support teams for other tasks. The nature of client conversations about PrestaShop products also shifted positively, with a more than 1% drop in average client conversations and a 4% decrease in negative sentiment, indicating that ClientZen's insights have markedly enhanced product resonance with clients.

Moreover, this shift has positively impacted customer loyalty and retention, particularly for key products and services. By analyzing trends, such as the correlation between a decrease in negative comments and a reduction in churn rate, ClientZen has proven to be a valuable asset in enhancing customer loyalty. This data-driven approach has enabled PrestaShop to maintain a pulse on customer satisfaction and adapt swiftly to their evolving needs.


The journey from manual feedback structuring to adopting ClientZen marked a significant evolution in PrestaShop's VoC initiative, with a 15% drop in negative sentiment during the onboarding phase.

ClientZen not only met expectations but also fostered a culture of customer-centricity, evident in the over 1% decrease in average client conversations and a 4% reduction in negative sentiment towards PrestaShop products. 

"ClientZen facilitated a smooth adoption of our Voice of Customer program across various departments without any hurdles. With its extremely intuitive interface, the onboarding process was a breeze, and now every department relies on ClientZen daily to garner the essential customer insights tailored for each team." Lucas Marchionne, VoC Manager, at Prestashop.

The story of PrestaShop and ClientZen stands as a testimony to how the right VoC tool can transform customer feedback into a treasure trove of actionable insights, driving a customer-centric ethos across the organization.

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