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Our free voice of customer tool helps you to simplify your work by giving you insights instantly about your customers hidden emotions, understand the root cause of bad customer experience, and summarize vast amounts of customer data into actionable insight on whom you can act immediately.
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What is the ClientZen Voice of Customer Tool?

Our Voice of Customer Tool is designed to streamline your tasks by assisting you in monitoring your customers' health status, renewal inquiries, and subscription statuses.
Gain insights into prevailing trends and recurring topics while overseeing feature uptake and new updates, all from one unified platform.
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When should you use ClientZen’s
Voice of Customer Tool?

When you're keen to deeply understand your customers' needs, preferences, and feedback to refine products, enhance services, and make informed decisions that boost satisfaction and loyalty, that's the time to deploy ClientZen’s Voice of Customer Tool.
1. Product or service launches:
When you launch a new product or service, you want to know how your customers feel about it. Measuring CSAT can help you identify any issues with the product or service early on and make improvements before it's too late.
2. Customer service interactions:
If you have a customer service team, measuring CSAT after each interaction can help you understand how well your team is meeting the needs of your customers. This can help you identify areas where your team can improve and provide better customer service.
3. Website or app experiences:
If you have a website or mobile app, measuring CSAT can help you understand how easy it is for customers to use your platform and whether there are any pain points that need to be addressed.
4. Marketing campaigns:
Measuring CSAT after a marketing campaign can help you understand how well the campaign resonated with your target audience and whether there are any areas for improvement in future campaigns.
5. Overall customer experience:
Measuring CSAT on a regular basis can help you understand the overall satisfaction of your customers and identify areas where you can improve the customer experience

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Who should use a Voice of Customer Tool?


Voice of Customer
& CX

Quickly identify rising trends among clients.
Organize diverse data into Topics and track their evolution toward specific concerns.

Customer service managers

Enhance service delivery by pinpointing customer challenges.
Educate representatives using feedback and recurrent issues.

Product Development /Management

Fine-tune products using user insights.
Focus on new features or enhancements that customers truly want.


Adjust marketing messages based on what customers appreciate most about your offering.
Deepen your understanding of customer groups to target them more precisely.


Acquire a deeper understanding of potential challenges in the sales journey.
Optimize sales strategies based on what strikes a chord with clients.


Refine processes to better cater to customer requirements.
Spot areas where operational bottlenecks might be diminishing customer satisfaction.

Why is a Voice of Customer Tool Important for Your Business?

1. Boosted Customer Satisfaction:
By tuning into your customer's views, you can provide products and services that align more closely with their preferences.
2. Strengthened Loyalty & Retention:
Happy customers often stay with you longer, reducing the chances of searching for alternatives when doing business.
3. Enhanced Customer Experience:
Using the insights from VoC, you can streamline and enhance the customer's journey with your brand, removing obstacles and amplifying their overall experience.
4. Strategic Business Development:
With the data from VoC, business leaders can pinpoint areas ripe for expansion or innovation. This equips the company to evolve and stay ahead in a competitive business environment.
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Importance of Voice of the Customer

VoC provides businesses with direct feedback from their customers. Instead of just gathering data, it involves understanding and analyzing this feedback to pinpoint what customers truly want. This allows businesses to adjust their products or services accordingly, ensuring they meet customer needs and preferences. The result is improved customer satisfaction, better product alignment with market demand, and potentially increased sales and loyalty.

What is a voice of customer tool?

Voice of the Customer (VoC) tools are software, programs, or methodologies that collect thoughts, insights, and feedback from customers. The information collected, either directly or indirectly from customers, enables companies to make strategic decisions by gaining a deeper comprehension of the end consumer or user.

What is a good tool to use when analyzing voice of the customer?

Many tools are available for analyzing the voice of the customer, depending on your specific needs. ClientZen, for example, provides a powerful platform for aggregating, analyzing, and interpreting the voice of your customer based on their input.

What is a good VoC program?

A good VoC program systematically gathers, analyzes, and acts upon customer feedback. It should have a clear data collection method and the capability to analyze this data for actionable insights in real-time.

What is voice of customer AI tools?

Voice of Customer (VoC) AI tools utilize artificial intelligence to automatically analyze and interpret large volumes of customer feedback. They can detect patterns, sentiments, and emerging trends in the data much faster than traditional methods.

How do I set up a VoC?

You only need 3 steps for creating Your Voice of Customer Program.
1. Gather VoC Data: Define objectives to determine the data you require.
2. Analyze your VoC Data: Employ machine learning or other analytic tools for insight, like ClientZen.
3. Act on VoC Findings: Use the outcomes to enhance customer satisfaction and complete the customer feedback loop.

What is voice of the customer in Lean Six Sigma?

In Lean Six Sigma, the Voice of the Customer (VoC) captures customer needs and expectations, guiding the Define phase of the DMAIC process, ensuring alignment of process improvements with customer desires, and using several methods to pinpoint key quality traits for product or process enhancements.

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