Learning from customer feedback has never been this easy

ClientZen replaces the manual tagging process and gives you deeper customer insights with pain points discovery, MRR and sentiment analysis.
Feedback tagging
Fully customizable automated feedback tagging powered by AI and Machine Learning.
Pain-points discovery
Customer pain-points discovery and emerging trends on auto-pilot for the whole team.
Timeline evolution
Sentiment analysis and annotations to understand the timeline evolution of a problem.
Customer segments
A multitude of filters to better identify client groups by sentiment, MRR/YRR, time to renewal etc.

Connect all your
communication channels

All your feedback in one place. Easily integrate your chat, ticketing, reviews, emails or any custom data coming from any sources.
Custom Data

Create the topics that you
want to track

Fully customizable topics with advanced search tools

Create topics to track customer issues, common requests, feature feedback or reviews. Search for specific keywords or phrases, and exclude what doesn't make sense.

Organize topics into groups for high level view

Create topics and organize them into groups for high-level trends. Auto-tagging that you control.

Get a real-time preview of feebdack samples for tweaking

Real-time preview based on our actual data, for even more control and fine tuning.

Learn from every conversation

All your feedback tagged

Conversations, tickets and reviews tagged under topics and groups that you control. Easily define what makes sense to your specific use-case, without the need to train an AI.
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Emerging trends and painpoints discovery

Spot topics on the rise and potential customer painpoints. Sentiment analysis, timeframe and MRR help you highlight topics that matter for your most valuable segment.
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Pain points evolution with
sentiment analysis

Mark your most important product updates for every specific topic. Understand how your releases improved a painpoint trough the feedback of your customers.
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Custom segments for advanced research

Understand the why behind customer interaction by filtering with MRR, time to renewal, user time, sentiment and other powerful filters.
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Plays nice with your stack

Securely integrates with all your customer voice platforms. No coding skills required.

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