Transform Feedback into Action
Instantly with AI

ClientZen is the feedback analytics tool that gives you
automated insights across the entire customer journey.


Automatically aggregate, clean, and tag all your customer feedback.


Automatically aggregate, clean, and tag all your customer feedback.


Get the most requested features, main product issues, negative sentiment drivers, and more.


Define your segments (like topics or cohorts) and get alerts when something happens.
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Next level reporting

Customer Journey Mapping

Elevate decisions with organized customer feedback insights in customer journey mapping.

Negative Sentiment Drivers

Pinpoint and address negativity effortlessly. Identify and tackle sentiment drivers with precision, turning challenges into opportunities for a more positive customer experience

Complete freedom in how you get insights

Customer Insights Co-pilot

Take accurate and fast product decisions, with powerfull AI driven customer insights and extended reports.

Our customers
know best

Customer experience, Customer voice and Product teams decreased time spent on customer discovery, spotted new feature requests, bugs, reasons for cancelations and much more.
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“ClientZen helps us save a lot of time by tagging automatically all the feedback from our customers. It shows us the most requested features and client pain points on the rise, so we can take action fast.”
Noa Lupu
“ClientZen lets us turn unstructured feedback from various channels into clear insights that support our product vision. With each release, we can see how the users react to it.”
Lucas Marchionne
“It can sync automatically with our Zendesk and surface patterns automatically. We can check easily how often a problem appears and the most requested features.”
Mircea Serendiuc